About Eco

The Eco App is one simple balance that lets you spend, send, save and make money at the same time. You earn 5% cashback at the places you spend the most, and up to 5% on your balance the rest of the time. Soon, you’ll also be able to pay your bills and send money to your friends, all from the same place.

Eco makes all your daily financial activity easy — which is why people often route their paychecks directly into the app to start earning. There’s no need to have money in a dozen different apps and products. Plus, earn Eco Points for everything you do — which we’ll share more about soon.

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Our Mission

To put your money back to work for you.

The Eco App is the first consumer fintech product whose creators are truly aligned with its users. Financial infrastructure and business models haven’t changed meaningfully since the 1970s — and it’s time to start.

We have a new model – one where we don’t skim from you. One where we’re on the same team as you. A race not to the bottom, but to the top.

And our vision is so much bigger than that. If you want to dive in the deep end, learn about why Eco is not a bank.


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Who We Are

Andy Bromberg


Henry Ault

Co-Founder & President

Ryne Saxe

Co-Founder & COO

Joey Krug


Ryan Breslow


Nishi Gupta

Head of Compliance

Michael Gregson

Head of Engineering

Noah Spaulding

General Counsel

Albert Brown


Anatoly Kataev

Product Designer

Andrew Nossiter

Business Operations

Ashlee Klim Fitzpatrick

Executive Business Partner

Bryce Hidysmith


Carolyn Philip

Business Operations

Daniel de Sa

Strategy & Business

Dave Clancy


Deepthi Karanam


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Francisco Delgado

Growth Engineering

Hailey Wisener

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Michael Barton


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Stoyan Dimitrov