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How do we not become a bank?

We want your money to work for you. But more than that, we want to build a sustainable, customer-aligned business. And not in the buzzword-y “we’re on your side” sense — but rather, from a deep place of being truly economically aligned with you.

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Blockchain and cryptocurrencies, for real

If you’re like most people, you’re a little skeptical of this whole “blockchain” thing everyone is talking about. It seems like some people have made a bunch of money investing in it, but nobody’s ever explained it to you in a way that made sense and seemed, well, real.

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New tech: same as the old

Despite lots of discussion about fintech innovation, new money-movement technology really hasn't changed all that much.

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How money moves today (still not well)

How money moves today — even with electronic check deposits — really hasn’t changed that much from the Pony Express days.

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How money used to move (not well)

Have you ever wondered why we can only send bank transfers during business hours on business days? Why it takes days for money to get from one place to another? Why every app and product you use has limits on how much of your own money you can send? Why you only get paid twice a month?

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Eco is not a bank

Has anyone ever told you why it always feels like banks are working against you instead of for you? Or, even better: has anyone offered you a real solution?

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Why don’t people need FDIC insurance?

95% of people we’ve spoken to at Eco fall in one of four groups. And for each of them, FDIC insurance doesn’t matter — but for a different reason!

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From old money to Smart Money

For most people, seeing is believing: once they test out Eco and confirm that the benefits we’re offering are real, they become our champions and invite everyone they know to the app. But some people need to hear more first. If you’re reading this, odds are you’re one of these people.

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